Boarding Pass to Sydney: a 3 day trip

Boarding Pass to Sydney: a 3 day trip

A couple of months ago three friends and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Sydney during our university break! We only booked the flights a week in advance, and decided to stay at a hostel because accommodation in Sydney is generally quite expensive. We were there for two nights/ three full days and here is what we got up to!

DAY 1:
We arrived in Sydney at around 8am, but having been up since around 3.30am it felt much later in the day. The sun was shining and it was set to be a nice day, unlike the weather we had been having in Melbourne. We headed straight from the airport to the Grounds Of Alexandria for a delicious breakfast! I had a salmon, kale and eggs combo with an insta-worthy fruit juice while my friends all opted for the classic smashed avo dish.
We all agreed it was a wonderful meal and then headed out to explore the rest of the complex, which included a few market stalls, petting zoo and flowers everywhere! You could also opt to sit outside to enjoy your meal amongst the blossoming scenery.

This afternoon we took a short walk to Darling Harbour where we caught a ferry to Circular Quay, which had great views of the bridge and Opera House. We then got some standard touristy photos before walking back through the botanical gardens and checking into the hostel.
We booked a 4-person room, however we were told we couldn’t get one together so we ended up in a 6-person room with only 1 other roommate. We took a couple of hours to relax and shower before heading back to the Opera Bar for sunset drinks. The view from the Opera Bar is one of the best in Sydney so I highly recommend grabbing a drink here, or even food (just beware of the seagulls!).
After this we walked around to find a place for dinner. We settled on an Italian restaurant and ordered pizza, pasta and wine. Once we finished dinner we decided to head to World Bar, which had cocktails in teapots that you drink in shot glasses… really random. We arrived and it was almost empty although it was still early in the night. We ordered a couple of teapots although somehow one of the cocktail flavours tasted like a horrible medicine.
By this point we were a little tipsy but also extremely tired from the long day we had, so we decided to call it a night, although people had just started arriving at the bar. We uber-ed it back to the hostel and were almost in bed when the German guy staying in our room came back with his friend and started chatting to us, so it didn’t end up such an early night after all.

DAY 2:
We had a bit of a sleep in today, apart from being woken up by my friends’ loud snoring and the German guy’s bloody alarm that he didn’t turn off for half an hour (#hostellife). We got ready and walked to the train station to head to Bondi beach, which I was excited about, as I had never been there before. By the time we arrived it was almost midday so we found a nice café with views of the beach to eat brunch.
After stuffing our bellies again we set off down to the beach area to start the Bondi to Bronte coastal walk, which is about 6km return. It was a beautiful, warm sunny day and there were a lot of people out and about walking their dogs or jogging which made me feel super unfit. The views on the walk were absolutely amazing; with a different sight to see at every corner you turned. We passed the Bondi Icebergs, million dollar homes, cliffs and little sandy beaches. I highly recommend doing this walk if you’re ever in Sydney, especially since it’s free and good exercise! We took a couple of hours to do the walk at a leisurely pace, stopping to relax and of course take a few photos.
Once we were back in Bondi we watched some skateboarders at the skate park before walking along the shops and getting some ice cream. Soon after, we caught the bus and train back to the city and headed back to the hostel to get ready for our night. We headed back to Darling Harbour for happy hour cocktails (cheap and delicioussss!), which ended up with us all pretty tipsy. We then caught an uber to Zambrero’s where our friend made us all try a burrito because they are apparently the best in the world, although I still haven’t eaten enough burritos to confirm this. We had sobered up a bit, so of course decided to buy a bottle of vodka for pre-drinks back at the hostel before we planned to hit the nightclub next door, Scary Canary.
Our pre- drinks in the room started off slow, as I was ready to drink but my friends didn’t seem as keen. Before I knew it everything was a bit of a blur, so I only remember bits and pieces… Line hopping to get into the club. Becoming BFFs with a drunk girl in the bathroom. Dancing. Buying water at the 7/11 next door (to try and stop the hangover that was looming). Apparently we had a fun night!

DAY 3:
Safe to say I woke up quite hungover. We lay in bed as long as possible before checking out of the hostel and heading to the train station to meet one of our other friends who had been staying in Sydney. We really wanted to go to Platform 82 to get a brunch tower but it turned out to be too far away and public transport wasn’t going to be much help. We ended up heading back to the Grounds Of Alexandria for brunch/ lunch. This time I ordered seafood pasta but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the previous time we went, probably because of the hangover. After walking through the Grounds again we parted ways with our friend and headed to Pitt Street Mall to do some shopping, which reminded me of Burke Street Mall back in Melbourne. Lucky for us there was a members sale at Sephora so we spent way too long in there, as well as way too much money! After shopping all afternoon we decided to head back to Darling Harbour for a three course dinner, which was only $30.
The food was quite nice but at that price how can you complain?! The entrée (croquettes) was possibly the best thing I have ever tasted in my life. It was a lovely way to end our time in Sydney before we headed to the airport to catch our flight, which turned out to be delayed. We ended up back in Melbourne at around midnight and it was good to be back in my big comfy bed, with no roommates to disrupt my sleep.



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