13 Ultimate Aussie Foods You Must Try

After travelling through various countries, I definitely noticed that I started to miss certain foods from Australia that I never realised the rest of the world was missing out on. Seriously, how have Americans not tasted the deliciousness of a chicken parma or a vodka raspberry?! Here I have compiled my essential list of Australian foods that are a must try when down under. Which foods have you tried?!

Fairy bread– This magical food is mostly served at kids parties, but lets be honest, you are never too old for a slice of this sprinkled goodness! Usually butter or margarine is spread onto the bread first to make the sprinkles stick.

Tim tams– This is not just any chocolate biscuit, this is THE chocolate biscuit. In fact, you may just want to smuggle a suitcase full of them home with you.
tim tams

Milo– Don’t be put off just because it looks like dirt, seriously. To consume, I recommend putting as many heaped spoonful’s as your heart desires into a glass of milk, then stirring.

Shapes- These little biscuits come in different shapes and flavours that I don’t believe you can buy in other countries. The most popular flavours are pizza and barbeque and are great for snacking on.
pizza shapes

Vegemite- You’ve probably heard of vegemite already. This dark brown paste is usually spread on toast or sandwiches and is more of an acquired taste. Most people either love it or hate it. Disclaimer: I’m one of the haters.

Caramello koalas- A little chocolate bar shaped like a koala (how much more Aussie can you get?!) which is filled with delicious oozing caramel.
caramello koalas

Meat pies + sausage rolls- Pastry (in pie or roll form) filled with meat and topped with tomato sauce. These are often eaten at lunchtime, sports games or parties.

Lamingtons– A little rectangular cake covered in chocolate and coconut flakes. Delicious for afternoon tea!

Raspberry soft drink– Okay so I’m not sure if this is really Aussie or not, but I haven’t encountered raspberry ‘soda’ in any other country apart from NZ. The closest I’ve found is strawberry Fanta and it’s nowhere near as good! If you’re having a night on the town, order a vodka raspberry and you will not be disappointed (or sober).

Anzac biscuits- These long lasting oat biscuits or cookies were originally made to send to all the men at war, and have now become an Aussie classic. Find them in the local supermarkets or even make them at home!

Chicken parmigiana– The most popular meal to be ordered at any Aussie pub. This meal consists of a chicken schnitzel topped with Napoli sauce, ham and melted cheese, served with chips and salad on the side.

Sausage in bread – Ahhh the old snag on the Barbie at the local Bunnings sausage sizzle. For those who don’t understand that sentence, a sausage is usually cooked on a barbeque, then put onto a slice of bread with onions and drizzled with tomato sauce on top. I guess you could say it’s the Aussie version of a hotdog.
sausage bread

Golden Gaytime- A delicious toffee and vanilla flavoured ice cream dipped in chocolate and covered with honeycomb biscuit pieces, best consumed on a hot summers day.



  1. March 10, 2017 / 11:51 pm

    Hi, the lamington tea cakes and the Anzac biscuits sound especially good. Of course, the chocolate treats sound good too. Thanks for sharing. I will have to look for these in the stores. You never know! Have a great weekend.

    • March 13, 2017 / 12:14 pm

      They are delicious! And essential for an afternoon tea. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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