Why I love Portland… and need to go back

Why I love Portland… and need to go back

I visited Portland twice when I was last in The United States- both trips were short but sweet. Portland has so many wonderful features, which make it the quirky, yet awesome city that it is. Here’s a list of my favourite things about Portland… which are the reason I need to visit again. Have you been to Portland? What did you think of it?

Art everywhere
Colourful graffiti style murals are not hard to find in this quirky city; I could walk around forever just exploring and snapping photos. They add character to the buildings and are oh so insta-worthy. My personal favourite is the ‘Keep Portland Weird’ mural.

Cool vibe
I thought Portland had a cool relaxed vibe; unlike other cities, where everywhere is crowded and everyone seems to be in a rush.

Food trucks
With a so-called ‘legendary’ food truck scene, Portland has hundreds of food trucks serving up delicious street food, with many cuisines to choose from.

Voodoo Doughnut
If not for their taste, these are the probably coolest, quirkiest donuts you will ever come across. With flavours like maple bacon and fruit loops, there are sure to be a few different ones that will have your taste buds tingling. The store itself is really cool too, with bright memorabilia covering its walls.


It may not be significant to some, but this is one of the few cities I’ve come across that has a tram network, which reminds me of my home city of Melbourne. Trams are an easy and effective way to make your way around a city.

One thing I noticed when we were first driving into Portland were the number of bridges connecting the city! Seriously, it was crazy. Upon further investigation, I found out there are 12 bridges in Portland, which seems like an insane amount.

Pioneer Square
This central, wide-open space is a great meeting spot or starting point to explore Portland. With a Starbucks coffee shop, visitor information centre and KGW studio, you can relax, find out more about Portland and even watch them broadcast the news!

When I visited, it was the beginning of the festive season, with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner. Although the days were short and chilly, Portland was brightened up with festive fairy lights and decorations all around the city.

The neon sign
You know you’re in Portland when you see this awesome vibrant sign, lighting up the sky. *This is a stock image as my photos didn’t do the sign justice*

Powell’s City Of Books
I‘m going to call it; this is officially the biggest and best bookstore I have been to in my life so far. When you first enter Powell’s, the enormity of the store is slightly overwhelming, as it is the largest new and used bookstore in the world. I could have spent an entire day here, perusing the one million books on the shelves. There’s even a café inside, where students and writers sit typing away while sipping on coffee. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough room in my suitcase to take any home with me… which is why I will have to come back to buy some!

Only in Portland would you spot random things such as a tent pitched on the side of the road in the city, or bright, colourful houses on suburban streets. The element of surprise was something that I loved about this city; the fact that you didn’t know what to expect to see next.



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