Six movies that will make you want to travel

Six movies that will make you want to travel

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Have you ever watched a movie set in a foreign country and had the sudden urge to book a trip? Here are my six favourite travel related movies which will inspire you to travel the world. What are your favourite travel related movies?

Eat, Pray, Love
A round the world trip to Italy, India and Indonesia, Julia Roberts’ character does exactly what the title says, and also proves that you are never too old to take a gap year to travel. A feel-good movie that will make you want to visit these places ASAP.

Mamma Mia
A story set on a beautiful Greek island about a young woman ready to get married. The only problem is, she wants her father to give her away, but she has to find out who he is first. A hilarious journey ensues, accompanied by many ABBA songs.

The Holiday
A tale of two women who swap houses on opposite sides of the world in order to escape their own lives end up getting more than they bargained for. One house is an LA mansion while the other is a quaint little cottage in a village in England.

An epic tale of a young woman’s solo adventure hiking the Pacific Northwest trail, which leads all the way from Mexico to Canada. This movie actually made me want to go on a hiking adventure.

This movie depicts the adventures and mishaps of a group of young American friends who set off to travel Europe together. Surprisingly this wasn’t all too different from my own Euro trip…

An incredible film based on a true story, Lion is about an Indian boy who loses his family and is then adopted by an Australian family. He has a great life, but as he grows into a young man he becomes increasingly curious about his family and life in India, which leads him on a long journey to find his biological family.



  1. May 18, 2017 / 4:07 am

    The Holiday is one of my favorite movies 🙂
    I havent seen Lion yet, but it sounds good.

    • Becca Dunne
      May 18, 2017 / 10:59 am

      How cute is it! You definitely need to see Lion, such a great film 🙂 x

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