Seven Hidden Costs of Travel

Seven Hidden Costs of Travel

So you’ve just found cheap flights and are excited at the thought of a holiday that won’t break the bank… Well guess what? Travelling actually has many hidden costs that you may not think about until later on, or may not even be able to afford. Here are seven hidden costs that may be associated with your next trip, so you know what to expect!


If you’ve never been overseas before, you are going to have to apply and pay for a passport, which isn’t cheap. Currently it costs $277 for an adult passport in Australia, which is valid for 10 years. However, there may be other fees associated with getting a passport such as passport photos or priority processing.

Many low cost or budget airlines do not include checked luggage in the price of their flight, and if you’re anything like me, carry on will not suffice for a trip of more than five days. Adding checked baggage can range from about $25-$100 each way, which can make the cost of a flight a lot more expensive than you originally planned.

Depending on what passport you have, you may need a visa to enter certain countries, which can become costly. As an Australian, I am pretty lucky to be able to travel freely to many countries. However, there are still countries I have to get a visa for. When I went to Vietnam, getting a visa added more than $100 to the price of the trip, as well as being time consuming to organize.

Travel insurance
This is an essential element for any trip! If you don’t have travel insurance and something goes wrong, you could be out of pocket by thousands of dollars. Although travel insurance may seem a little expensive, it’s really not much to pay compared to the money you will have to fork out if something does go wrong. For example, you may lose your luggage, miss your flight or need medical care, which travel insurance is all covered by. Just make sure you choose the correct kind as they range from basic to comprehensive.

Transport to and from airports
Picture this: you’ve just arrived at your destination but your hotel is in the main city, which is an hour away. There are no public buses so you have to get a taxi, Uber or shuttle bus, which are all quite expensive. Add in the cost of a return trip and this can quickly make a large dint in your daily expenses.

When travelling to regions in South East Asia or Africa for example, many vaccinations are recommended to protect you against potential diseases such as hepatitis, influenza and typhoid. Because they are not absolutely essential, these vaccinations are usually quite expensive, which could leave you hundreds of dollars out of pocket.

Yes, there are many cities with an abundance of free or cheap activities, but there are some destinations with expensive bucket list activities that you simply cannot miss out on! Imagine going to Paris without visiting the top of the Eiffel Tower, or going to Orlando and not visiting Disneyworld. If you’re on a budget, I suggest you pick the ones you most want to do, and then fill the rest of your time with free or cheap activities.


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