Today we woke up and had a free day to do as we pleased. While I didn’t take any photos during the day, us girls went shopping and planned on heading to the beach later on but by the time we actually got there we decided there wasn’t exactly time, so started heading back. I wish I had of gotten to go to Patong beach though, but as girls we were too caught up in all the cheap finds at the markets!

During the day we also got massages at a massage place down the road from our hotel. One was recommended to us, but there seemed to be so many around that we didn’t know if it was the right one or not.
The massage ladies put us in super weird positions and cracked our backs, which freaked me out! At the end I somehow ended up lying on top of her because I think we may of both fallen backwards when she was trying to crack my back. I was freaked out and we were all laughing at the same time.

After our day of shopping we met everyone in the lobby again for another optional activity. This time it was a Cabaret Show, which was interesting because everyone in it was a Lady boy! When we arrived we ordered drinks at the bar outside which we were allowed to take in with us. I remember having some kind of daiquiri I think! From where we were sitting up the top section, a lot of the time you would just think the dancers were women. What did give it away though, is that men are not the best dancers. While the show was interesting and professional the lady boys were a little out of time at points, and some of the traditional dances bored me a little. I preferred the acts that I knew, like from the movie ‘Burlesque.’

After the show, we headed back to Bangla road on little buses. Ours was really fun because we pumped up the music and basically had a karaoke sesh! When we got to Bangla, Cassie took us to this cool bar, which had live music. We ordered buckets (and pineapples?!) and all got quite rowdy.





At one point Kahly and I decided to leave to go and get cheap tequila shots as they were cheaper than at the current bar we were at. The man who worked at the tequila bar was so cute we even got some selfies with him (although this particular selfie was from the previous night on Bangla)!


We stopped off to watch lady boys dance on poles, which we were quite mesmerized by in our drunken state. We were pretty sure one had actually had a sex change as she was lifting her dress up and flashing people while she danced.
After this we got tequila shots and I’m not going to lie, we may of pole danced up on the bar! After that we then got coaxed into a club by some European girl who seemed really friendly. It turned out the club was aimed at Swedish people and the girl was a backpacker/ promoter for the club.


Although the club was very empty (think like the one in the Inbetweeners movie) We felt bad to just leave so we had a quick drink with her and then headed back to the first bar with live music!
The singer in the live band was really cool and came to dance with us (and also get some photos!)


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