DAY 30 – 37

DAY 30: Mountain bike riding & Paragliding in Tyrol, Austria
We got up pretty early to get breakfast and get ready for mountain bike riding. With being sick and having a sore back I was worried that I wasn’t going to make it! I considered turning back early but knew I’d regret it so I pushed on. Although it was a bit painful, there weren’t any major hills as it was more of a steady incline. The scenery and hills were really pretty and we had a nice BBQ lunch at the end.

After that we got ready and jumped into mini vans to go paragliding, which I still couldn’t believe I was going to do. The guy was a bit of a crazy driver but we got to the bottom of the mountain. We met our paragliding instructors immediately as we got out of the van and jumped in gondolas to take us up the mountain. Once up at the top I couldn’t see over the edge, and was freaking out but he assured me it was not a cliff. I wore a massive backpack type thing and he got the parachute and himself ready before strapping me on. Everything happened quite fast and the next thing I know we were moving forwards and gliding off the mountain into the air. It felt so surreal! The views were quite amazing as we were right near a cute village area. My backpack turned into a seat, which was cool and after a while we did some spins, which he called a rollercoaster. We landed fine and then I bought the photos he had taken whilst in the air.

Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse and the people that were meant to paraglide after us missed out because it would have been a bit dangerous. We got back to our accommodation and then decided to go trout fishing at a nearby trout farm. We rode our bikes there, which was a nice ride and then we paid to catch some fish!

Unfortunately we didn’t catch anything and it started raining soon after. There was a little eatery inside and the deal was that you could still eat a fish if you didn’t catch one, which was delicious. It was pouring down with no chance of clearing up so we rode back in the rain, soaking wet. After such a full on day we had an early night tonight.

DAY 31: White water rafting and driving to Munich
We didn’t wake up feeling as refreshed as we thought but we ate bacon and eggs before driving to white water rafting!

Once we had on our wet suits and gear we took our rafts down to the river. There were 9 of us and our guide in the raft and I was at the back next to the guide. It was about 14kms to the end point and took around 1.5 hours. Along the way he made us all jump in to practice how we’d rescue each other but the water was freezing and I thought I wasn’t going to make it back into the raft because of the current. I also got to straddle the front of the raft while everyone paddled through the rapids, which was fun because I was up high in the air, bouncing around. The river wasn’t as intense as the first time I went white water rafting as it was very wide though and we weren’t paddling the entire time. We showered and dried ourselves at the end before heading to the hostel in Munich, arriving a lot later than planned. We quickly got ready for our bike tour of Munich, and the guys who ran it were really funny with a lot of crude humour. The bikes were really cool blue cruisers and now I want one!

We had a couple of stops and got to see the surfers in the canal before ending up in the English gardens, where I had a delicious pork knuckle and potato dumpling. I also bought a large beer stein to take home as a souvenir. After this we rode back and then went to the Hofbrauhaus for some beer. I decided to try a radler stein as it as beer mixed with lemonade and I had never been a beer drinker.

It didn’t taste too bad but I think I only drank about half of it. We went back to the hostel a bit after 10 to have another early night… notice this is becoming a pattern now. I felt super sick when I was lying in bed and thought I might vomit. I’m never drinking beer again!

DAY 32: Driving to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
It was an early wake up this morning so we could stop in the principality of Lichtenstein, where we had lunch and bought Swiss chocolate (which was basically the same as the ‘Swiss’ chocolate we could buy at home). I had a kebab and bought some brownies and chocolate but it was a very expensive place. We got back on the bus to go to our next stop in Lucerne, which was such a pretty place! There was a really nice wooden bridge with flowers on it and some cool medieval style buildings.

I bought a Swiss army knife for myself, but it was one of the ones with a nail file and stuff. Probably a waste of money as I haven’t actually used it yet… Lots of people bought Swiss watches but they were so expensive! We got to the campsite and the place was really cool, with views of the Alps. We had dinner and then got ready and started drinking. I think I mixed my coke and vodka a little too strong because I don’t actually remember much of the night, although there was a party in a bunker onsite.

DAY 33: Jungfrau mountain
I woke up this morning still drunk from last night. We quickly got ready and had breakfast before walking to the train station. It took two trains to get up but once we were finally there the snow and mountains were beautiful, and there was even an ice palace you could walk through. It all felt quite surreal, probably because I was still drunk. We got some good photos and then my hangover hit at around lunchtime.

We were at a very expensive restaurant ($9-10 for a freaking bottle of water!) and I kept running to the toilet because I felt so sick. After lunch (about 3pm) we decided to head back to the campsite, but it felt like it took forever to get there! We rested for a bit, had dinner and then chilled and chatted with some of the girls while others decided to go and party again.

DAY 34: Driving to Rhine Valley, Germany
We got on the road early this morning, and stopped in Heidelberg, a really pretty town with a large student population. I noticed everything seemed quite cheap and is definitely a place I would like to go back to and explore a bit more. Next we stopped in another town that was quite close to the hotel. We went to the Birkenstock store and everyone seemed to be buying them but I didn’t really understand what the fuss was about. I bought a pair with 3 black straps and after having worn them religiously I now understand why they are so great. Cute and comfortable! We had an average dinner and then wandered around while most people did the optional wine tasting. When we got to the hotel I pretty much just showered and went to bed because there wasn’t much else to do and I wanted to rest up for Amsterdam. I couldn’t believe the tour was almost over!

DAY 35: Driving to Amsterdam
I woke up this morning feeling super ill with a stomach bug that lots of people seemed to have. I threw up a few times before managing to make my way to the bus, I felt so horrible and upset that I was sick in the last few days but I tried to sleep on the bus as much as I could. I managed to eat a muffin at the service stop and felt a bit better. We did a bike ride in Edam and then saw a cheese and clog making demonstration, which was cool, although the smell of the cheese wasn’t great for my stomach. The clogs were so cute; I bought a tiny little souvenir pair.

Later we got to the hotel, which turned out to be a really nice last stop. We got ready, ate dinner at the hotel and then got on the bus to go to a live sex show! We each got two drinks and a penis lollypop. The show wasn’t even as bad as I thought with half of it being strippers. Some people from our group were even pulled up on stage as part of the show, which was hilarious. Once the show was over a small group of us went to a ‘coffee shop’ and the rest is history. We then went to a burger joint to get some food but we saw some guys beating each other up so we ran outside. After the guy left we went back inside, and next minute they are outside and one of them stabbed the other! It was pretty scary stuff but we stayed to eat, as we didn’t want to go outside while everything was going on. After it was all clear outside we got a taxi back and finally went to bed.

DAY 36: Amsterdam
I woke up today feeling a bit weird and sick but we headed to the canal bikes, an optional activity. It was pretty cruisy as I just sat in the back while the others pedaled (sorry guys!) through the canals.

We ended up near Anne Frank’s house/ museum. Izzy and I wandered around and bought some souvenir things. We got amazing smoothies and nutella crepes before spending a large amount of time in Forever 21. I bought a few things, including a pair of black high waisted jeans for only 8 euros! We met the bus and went back to the hotel to get ready for the canal cruise. It was a nice cruise, and I had a couple of wines, which went straight to my head!

We arrived at the restaurant which was all Asian food but that was a bit hazy too because we got more wine. It was a nice dinner from what I remember. We then headed out to a few bars/ clubs, which was fun and I remember getting free shots. We danced a lot before getting lost from the rest of the group, getting pizza to eat and a taxi home. It was a fun last night out!

DAY 37: Last day, driving back to London
I woke up feeling a bit seedy today after only 3 or 4 hours sleep. I couldn’t get up for breakfast, which meant I missed out on saying a proper goodbye to a few people who were leaving early, oops. We put our stuff on the bus and said goodbye to those staying in Amsterdam, but it didn’t feel real. With a bus half full of people, we drove out of Amsterdam. We finally had a service stop at Macca’s so we all got breakfast there. We kept driving and once we got to the ferry we had to wait over an hour to leave. Once moving, the ferry seemed to go quite fast and soon we were back on the bus in England. Instead of sleeping, I chatted to some of the girls this time, which was nice. Once we arrived back in London, we said our goodbyes to everyone, before we walked down the road to the Generator hostel, which was a great choice of accommodation. They had run out of private rooms, so we were given a 4 person dorm instead, which probably gave us more space. We had Chinese food for dinner down the road, before having an early night. It felt weird that it was just us two now, not constantly surrounded by 50 other people.