Today we woke up and met in the lobby to go on our Maya Bay beach trip. This was going to take us to where ‘The Beach’ was filmed, with Leonardo Dicaprio.


I had made sure I watched the movie before I went on the trip so I could compare which was cool! This day trip was nice and relaxing and we had plenty of chances to swim. At the end we stopped on an island with a beautiful beach and could choose anywhere to sit. Liv and myself went for a swim first but then got a bit freaked out cos we realized there were a lot of sea cucumbers in the sand, which I was trying very hard to avoid on my way back to the beach!


Overall I think I enjoyed the first day trip a little more but they were both amazing and gave us plenty of chances to see some of Thailand’s islands.

After the trip I can’t quite remember what we did but tonight was our big party night! I’m pretty sure we ventured down to a beachside restaurant for lunch, which was very nice, I remember having a cocktail. Then I think we looked at some market stalls on the way back too.
After dinner we all met up at a bar that was called Dojo’s. Here we had delicious buckets filled with strawberry daiquiri mixture. While Thailand is famous for its buckets, these were the best that we had all trip!

We had also been warned by our tour guide Cassie that it is easy for people to slip drugs into your bucket, which was a little scary. So her idea was to cover our buckets with shower caps and poke our straws through them, looked a little silly but safety comes first!
We all played drinking games such as I have never and found out some interesting stories about everyone on the trip.

After this we headed down to an irish bar which was super fun. We all got up on the ledges at the side of the dance floor and danced our hearts out. From here we headed on down to the main beach party area, which is lined with bars. I remember going into the mini mart to get a pre mixed drink which was ridiculously cheap, and chatting to some other tourists while we were drunk. We got some locals to paint our faces/ bodies with this awesome fluro paint, a highlight of the night as it was unique.

From then on it was a bit of a blur, we danced, met people, took many drunken selfies and tried to wingwoman our fellow girlfriends. Then somehow I ended up doing something I have always wanted to do- riding a mechanical bull! I’m pretty sure I fell off after about 4 seconds but it was fun nevertheless. Liana was there taking photos of it for me.

Later on I made a friend called Brad and we chatted on the beach for quite a while. The party ended at around 3am and us 7 girls had split into 2 different groups. Whilst the others had started heading back to the hotel (which we didn’t know) we looked around for them and then decided to head back. Unfortunately the other girls were all very drunk apart from Liv, so her and our local friend from the boat tour were helping Liana and Ash back along the beach in their drunken state.

When we arrived at the hotel we met up with the others and all of a sudden one of the girls was gone. She ran off in her drunken state and we couldn’t find her… for 2 HOURS. We split up and ran around the little streets of Phi Phi, the beach, we checked everywhere! Finally we were back in the hotel area at around 5am and we found her wandering around. She had absolutely no idea what was going on so we took her to bed. It’s super important to look out for your friends and make sure you stick with people because it can be dangerous to be by yourself in the middle of the night like this. We knew of someone who had a run in with a local who tried to attack them, so we were quite scared when we couldn’t find our friend. To this day, we still don’t know what she was doing or where she was in those 2 hours we spent looking for her.

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