Today was a pretty chilled day as we were exhausted from last nights crazy antics. We all slept in a little and then went down to the pool to swim and chat.

I think we did some shopping/ lunch after this although it is hard to fully remember. Kahly, Jess and myself found a café in the streets of Phi Phi and I remember having a delicious seafood pasta. Phi Phi’s shopping I found, was a lot different to Phuket. They had a lot of tie dye stuff such as bags and clothing (which I went crazy for!).

This was a pretty low key day, and I regret not going to the beach. While the pool was really big and nice, you can’t beat going to a beautiful beach in Thailand, something that we didn’t properly do until Krabi, aside from the island trips.


There was an optional walk up to the view point at around 5pm, which is something that I regret not doing as I was too exhausted.
Tonight we all met at the Reggae bar for some food and to watch people box each other in the boxing ring. The winner would win a bucket. It was quite interesting to see, as this would never really happen in Australia.


Unfortunately I was feeling super exhausted and unable to drink so Liana and I headed back early and the other girls went to party, although not as big as the previous night!
I wish I had of pushed through and gone out as it was our last night in Phi Phi, but my body only seemed to be able to handle a big night every second night.

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