This morning we were off again to Krabi!

Krabi was a lot more chilled than our previous destinations. It had a lot less nightlife, however it was beautiful and seemed somewhat cleaner! I roomed with Liv and we had a big spacious room with a king size bed. We also had a massive balcony where we planned to have drinks with the girls one night but unfortunately didn’t have time. After seeing the other girls rooms I think we got lucky- none of the others seemed to have a balcony like ours! This was the view from our balcony.


We arrived in the afternoon and explored a little. From what I remember we went and got massages and manicures and then had a swim in the pool. The lady painting my nails kept stuffing them up as the nail polish wasn’t good quality. I was stressing out but in the end they looked okay, although they chipped the same day. Unfortunately Thailand doesn’t seem to have Shellac or anything like that, which would have been better.
Tonight we all had an included buffet dinner near the front of the hotel that was delicious! There was pasta and other foods to choose from as well as squid and prawns from the BBQ. I kept going back and getting prawns, which are my favourite! Here is a photo of some of us girls ready for our night.


There was a night market along the foot path which we wandered along after dinner. A few of us bought these beautiful hand carved soaps that looked like flowers, I bought one for my Mum and Nan.
After this we headed to coconut bar for some cocktails and live music. This was fun but as there wasn’t much nightlife it wasn’t a super late night or anything.

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